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Current Location: Shanghai, China 

Ni Hao! My name is Will and for the past seven years I have been living, working, travelling, and most importantly, training martial arts in Asia. Being fascinated with martial arts as a kid, as soon as I turned 18, I made the decision to pack my bags and head to China. Since then, my adventure has taken me throughout China and Asia, teaching English, training Kung Fu, eating everything from silk worms to live octopus, drinking tea with monks, drinking copious amounts of alcohol with communist party officials, getting lots of black eyes and fat lips, having an AK47 pointed at me and still, the journey continues...

If you browse the pages above, you can read about the different styles and teachers I've trained martial arts with, there is also a section where you can find listings of kung fu schools and information about travel and work in Asia. Life on the road has it's costs, and so does running this site. In order to keep this site as well maintained as possible, and to bring you more information on martial arts and travel in Asia, you can support the running of this site by downloading some Empty Mind Films in the watch movies section or buying kung fu related products from the various links around this site. Using these links doesn't cost you any extra, but does help me to keep improving the quality of my site and in turn bring this to you. You can also make a donation through paypal on the about me page. Please don't forget to click the "like" tabs and share the pages you enjoyed the most.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

 News and Updates


Since being back in China, I have been using Astrill VPN to access the internet. I high recommend it for it's value and reliability.


Why not make a New Year's Resolution and plan a trip to China for learning Kung Fu. I recommend training Praying Mantis Kung Fu in Shengjing Shan Academy, which has recently opened in the beautiful mountains on the coast of Weihai.


My translation of the Bio of Cui Shou Shan, written by his grandson, has been published in Golden Dragon Magazine, in English and Spanish.


My latest article for SMA, introducing the Korean Martial Art of Taekkyon


Join my facebook group to discuss all kinds of topics related to martial arts, travel and Asian culture


Check out my photos on Flikr and follow me here 


Read my interview for Italian based China Expat magazine Sapore De Cina. The interview was mostly based on my Praying Mantis Kung Fu training and my passion for Chinese tea.


New page added, my top recommendations for documentaries on Asian culture, martial arts and Buddhism. rent-videos.php


Started writing for check out my interview with Master Zhou Zhen Dong here.

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